Hello. My name is Oisín. I am a token.

Okay well... Hello. I have no connection with NUI-M and am not a sociologist. So I really am a token on this blog. Aileen persuaded me to join her, I mean this blog by telling me that I could just use it to flag stuff that I thought was interesting. She said it’s somewhere I could put up notes on stuff I’m reading and want to read and somewhere I could put up half thought out criticisms of stuff I’m reading etc.

So that’s the plan.

I suppose I should also say some stuff about what I’m interested in. Basically my interests in economics are in economic history, monetary and financial economics, labour economics, institutional economics, growth theory and the history of economic thought. I’m also interested in trying to make sense of what is happening to the world economy. On a somewhat different level I’m interest in industrial organisation and feminist economics. Outside of economics qua economics I’m interested to varying degrees in pretty much all of the humanities to varying degrees. I’m particularly interested in the various forms of communist theory: Marxist and anarchist. I’m also interested in social movement: how they develop and how they bring about change. (I do have other interested non academic interests but probably won’t post much about them on here.)

Err so that’s my first post. Other’s will be better.